Sultan of Arts is a series of unique International Virtual Art Competitions in the following categories:

Classical Music, Ballet, Pantomime and Fine Arts

Honouring the Founders’ spirit, we regard inclusion and equal participation as fundamental values for audition and assessment of the participant’s entries, wherever in the world they may reside.

The aim of these competitions is to showcase the beauty of young artists’ talent to the world through art and help them earn worldwide recognition.

The Competition is open to all nationalities of 24 years of age and under, free of charge and Cash Prizes are awarded. All auditions and assessments in the four categories will be based on video recordings of the participants.

The winners will be selected by both the Jury and online Audiences and will be awarded Cash Prizes in each category.

All we need is ONE entry from you.

Daniele Barenboim and Sultan Alkhatib

Daniele Barenboim and Sultan Alkhatib

Pianist, Choir Conductor And Specialist In History Of Art

Sultan Alkhatib is a well-known Pianist and Choir Conductor, born in Iraq in 1964, studied at the Music and Ballet School in Baghdad, and continued his studies at Bartók Béla Conservatory and Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary, 1982-1989.

Personal Life

  • Iraqi Pianist & Choir Conductor (Specialist in Classical music)
  • Born in Baghdad in 1964, he has two dates of birth (August 9, which is actual) and (August 13, which is official) and is due to a malfunction in the blogging system between the hospital and the citification Department.
  • His parents were Arts collectors
  • His father ‘Abdul Ghayoor AlKhatib’ had a construction company, and His mother ‘Inam Munir’ studied at the American University of Beirut, and then graduated from Cambridge University (Childhood pedagogy), His brother Najm alKhatib was an architect, who studied and lived in the United States. His uncle ‘Hisham Munir’ (Iconic Iraqi architecture)


  • Music & Ballet School – Baghdad 1982
  • Bartók Béla Conservatoire – Budapest / Hungary 1984
  • Franz Liszt Academy of Music – Budapest / Hungary 1989
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Professional Musician

  • Performed several concerts and lectured about different subjects on music at theatres, universities, opera houses, churches and cultural centres in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia
  • Founder & Conductor of the Iraqi National Choral Group
  • Presented several TV Programmes introducing Classical Music and Fine Arts
  • Published and lectured his research about music, fine arts, architecture and literature.
  • Doing research in analyzing the musical side of Haruki Murakami’s novels
  • His YouTube channel has won the admiration of Daniel Barenboim
  • Has held various leading positions in several cultural institutions
  • Jury member of several international festivals
  • Founding member of the International Olympics of Arts, Based in Paris
  • Representative of the President of the International Olympics of Arts
  • Invited by UNEP on the occasion of the ceremony of World Environment Day, his concert was broadcast live via satellite
  • Performed in the Inauguration of AlOwais cultural foundation in Dubai
Reviewed two books about music
  • Tchaikovsky’s A Self – portrait (610 pages)
  • Music in Ancient Arabia and Spain (303 pages)


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