Terms & Conditions

1. This competition is created by Dr. Sultan Alkhatib, Executive Producer and Intellectual Property Rights holder, and is organised and promoted by Dr. Sultan Alkhatib and Tradify Services, TFS LLC., State of Qatar (hereinafter Dr. Sultan Alkhatib and Tradify Services, TFS LLC are altogether referred to as “THE COMPANY”).

2. Honouring the founding spirit of this Competition for inclusion and diversity, defined as basic criteria and key features for the participation, is a standard and required practice when receiving entries from participants, wherever in the world they may reside.


4. The Company (or other such entity as chosen by the Company) may film and/or record performances at the Competition. PARTICIPANTS agree to the use of this material by THE COMPANY for marketing and promotional purposes, including, but not limited to, national and international broadcasts, including rights to reproduce and edit footage. THE COMPANY will own all intellectual property rights in any films and sound recordings of the performances.


5.1    Any COMPETITOR who intends to take part in a Competition must complete the Registration Form by supplying the information and personal data required. THE COMPANY will then send an email confirming successful registration to the electronic address provided by the registered Competitor.

5.2    The use of the Site as well as the application to take part in the Competition is subject to the full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein.

5.3    The COMPETITOR is required to read carefully all Terms and Conditions, that will be seen during the registration process on his device, also via a pop-up or hypertext link to a relevant screen; the COMPETITOR is required to accept these Terms and Conditions by clicking the space labelled “I accept the terms and conditions of use”.

5.4    THE COMPANY reserves the right to modify, integrate and/or update as it will deem necessary or appropriate, the Site, any Content as well as any parts of the Terms and Conditions, programmes and/or other materials contained and/or available through the Site, without prior notification.

5.5    Any changes as said above, shall have no effect on any Competition already in progress nor on any registered COMPETITOR who has already applied for a Competition before the said changes.

6.    THE COMPETITORS acknowledge and agree to abide fully by the rules and regulations, Terms and Conditions for this competition (the “Rules”). THE COMPETITORS agree to observe all procedures and adhere to the compliance rules and all reasonable instructions in force or given by a member of THE COMPANY in  connection with the Competition and the management.


7.1    The Site, the Content as well as any participation to any Competition are made and supplied exclusively for the personal use of the COMPETITOR. The COMPETITOR is not allowed to copy, sell or attempt to sell any such Contents or any portion or structure of the Site, therein comprising the Content, nor any relevant functions to any third party. The COMPETITOR may not use the Site nor any Content, to exercise business activities nor for any professional or commercial purpose, including the publication, promotion, placement or any other form of commercialization of goods, services or products made available through the Site.

7.2    The COMPETITOR must not exploit or use the Site or any content to the detriment of THE COMPANY. In particular, the COMPETITOR is obliged to abstain from using or exploiting the Site or the Content to carry out activities in competition with those of THE COMPANY, or that damage or discredit the interests, economic interests or image of THE COMPANY, of other COMPETITORS or third parties in general.

7.3    The COMPETITOR is responsible for the creation and publication of any of the COMPETITOR’s content. The COMPETITOR guarantees that the content is, and will remain accurate, and will not include any information or material of which no portion, nor the access to, nor the use or publication of it, constitutes a criminal offence, or violation of law or in any way violates the rights of third parties. In particular, the COMPETITOR guarantees that all necessary consents, authorizations or permits of whatever nature, including without limitation, consents to author’s rights connected to the COMPETITOR’s content, have been properly acquired.

7.4    The COMPETITOR guarantees to comply with any legislation on copyright protection as well as on consumer rights or protection of consumer as well as with any other instructions, regulations, provisions of law or directives issued by competent authorities, applicable to the COMPETITOR and concerning the publication of the its content.

7.5    THE COMPANY assumes no responsibility and shall not be held accountable for the accuracy of personal data, COMPETITOR’s content or other content that has been sent, circulated, uploaded or downloaded by the COMPETITOR or by any third party through the Site, in connection with any Competition or otherwise. The COMPETITOR is the person solely responsible for whatever content that has been uploaded, downloaded, published, sent or in any other way circulated through the Site and/or in connection with any Competition.

7.6    The COMPETITOR agrees that THE COMPANY has the right to record and archive the COMPETITOR’s contents and to provide them to third parties (such as Jury members) for the purposes of any Competition to which such COMPETITOR is a party, or when this is instrumental or necessary to fulfil legal requirements or respecting orders issued by public authorities, including judiciary authorities; in order to challenge disputes that such content violates the rights of third parties; or to protect the rights of THE COMPANY or of other COMPETITORS according to law and in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions.

7.7    The Site and the COMPETITORS may provide links to other sites or resources on the web. The COMPETITOR attests and agrees that THE COMPANY cannot in any way be considered directly or indirectly responsible for the content of such sites or resources and, therefore, for any damage incurred by the COMPETITOR or third parties in relation to such sites or resources.

7.8    As a general rule, THE COMPANY does not exercise any control or surveillance over the COMPETITOR’s content or over any content published on the Site or otherwise. Nonetheless, THE COMPANY reserves the right not to publish, or to remove from the Site, without any prior notice, any COMPETITOR’s content that has come to its knowledge as well as any other content published by third parties, that constitutes or could constitute a violation of the Terms and Conditions, according to mandatory legal provisions or of rights of third parties, or whenever THE COMPANY believes in good faith that such information or content constitutes a violation of these Terms and Conditions or Laws.
In line with the above, THE COMPANY will not be considered in any way responsible if the COMPETITOR’s content is illicit or violates in any way mandatory legal provisions or the rights of third parties, except in the case that THE COMPANY has become aware of such COMPETITOR’s content and does not proceed promptly to remove it or impede access to it.


         For anything not provided under this Terms and Conditions of use, all terms and conditions applicable to each Competition, these including for the participation to any Competition, the eligibility requirements, timing and duration of each Competition, the payment of any fees, the Prizes and Awards of the same, shall be governed by the Competition Regulations from time to time published on the Site.


9.1    The intellectual and industrial property rights (including economic and know-how rights) regarding the Site, the Content and in general any Competition, are and remain the exclusive property of THE COMPANY (or of its licensors, when applicable).

9.2    The COMPETITOR is expressly forbidden to copy, modify, create products, services or works derived from or based on the Site, the Content or/of any Competition. The COMPETITOR is expressly forbidden to download, copy, reproduce, duplicate, use or circulate any label, commercial name, logo, ideogram or other distinctive sign related to THE COMPANY and THE COMPANY’s Intellectual Property Rights.


10.1    The COMPETITOR declares and guarantees to be the owner of all the rights connected to the use and publication of the COMPETITOR’s content, and that the COMPETITOR is able and will use these rights pursuant to the terms of this Terms and Conditions. The COMPETITOR declares and guarantees that: (a) there will not be rights or claims by third parties or any other kind of obstacle of any kind to the publication and circulation of the COMPETITOR’s content on the Site, or within the Competition; and (b) neither the COMPETITOR’s content, nor its publication, violate in any way mandatory legal provisions or rights of third parties.

10.2    Accordingly, the COMPETITOR will assume responsibility and protect THE COMPANY from any possible damage, charge or expense as a result of threatened or pending actions; requests from third parties for compensation from THE COMPANY for the violation of mandatory legal provisions or third party rights. The COMPETITOR grants a free and non-exclusive right to THE COMPANY to reproduce, publish and visualize on the Site the COMPETITOR’s content. The COMPETITOR recognizes and accepts that THE COMPANY is not obligated to publish the COMPETITOR’s content, and that THE COMPANY may choose not to carry out any check as to the use of the Site by other COMPETITORS.


11.1    THE COMPANY may decide to exclude any COMPETITOR from the Competition, if the COMPETITOR commits a material breach of the present Terms and Conditions that cannot be remediated (or, if it can be remedied, the COMPETITOR fails to remedy within a remedy period notified by THE COMPANY); THE COMPANY further has the right to suspend the participation of any COMPETITOR to any Competition if it is necessary to (i) comply with laws or provisions by public authorities in accordance with law; (ii) prevent or halt any violation of the present Contract or of law, assert one’s rights under the terms of the present Contract, or protect oneself from disputes from third parties that claim violation of their rights; (iii) protect the rights of THE COMPANY or the rights of third parties.

12.    PRIVACY

12.1 The COMPETITOR agrees that all personal data, communicated while registering and in any other moment while using the Site, will be treated by THE COMPANY in accordance with the Privacy Information published on the Site.

12.2 THE COMPANY will preserve the privacy of any identifying data supplied by the COMPETITOR and will not disclose this data to any third parties, except as required by law. THE COMPANY reserves the right to transmit such data to other parties that have also assumed responsibility for the privacy of such data and that are delegated to carry out services connected to the present Terms and Conditions or to any Competition.
The COMPETITOR likewise recognizes that the processing of all personal data by THE COMPANY and of other COMPETITOR’s content may be necessary to:
(a)        send or receive data;
(b)        undertake planning or programming functions of the Site or of any Competition as well as perform activities related to the performance and operation of any Competition;
(c)        comply with technical specifications of network or Internet connections.

12.3  Upon request by the COMPETITOR, THE COMPANY will, within the necessary technical time frame, promptly cancel any personal data of the COMPETITOR in compliance with the COMPETITOR’s request, without the need of advance notice or successive confirmation. A request from a COMPETITOR to remove any part of the personal data which are necessary for THE COMPANY to fulfil its obligations under the present Terms and Conditions, shall constitute a notice of withdrawal from any relevant Competition to which the COMPETITOR has earlier registered.

12.4 Any COMPETITOR content published or otherwise made available by the COMPETITOR (or on its behalf) using the Site or in connection with any Competition, will be retained by THE COMPANY for purposes strictly related to the participation of the relevant Competition, for a period of time that does not exceed what is required for the purposes for which they were collected or successively used.

Lastly, Have fun!